We can help you control and protect your business through the following governance, risk and compliance services:

  • ‣ Business Continuity Planning, Management, Exercising
  • ‣ Crisis Management Planning, Exercising
  • ‣ Corporate Governance Management System Implementation
  • ‣ Enterprise Risk Management System Implementation
  • ‣ Project Risk Management System Implementation
  • ‣ Policy and Process Definition, Implementation
  • ‣ Information Security Management System Implementation
  • ‣ ITIL Service Management and Service Desk Systems Implementation
  • ‣ Quality Management System Implementation
  • ‣ Environmental Management System Implementation
  • ‣ Health and Safety Management System Implementation
  • ‣ Corporate Social Responsibility Management System Implementation
  • ‣ Legal and Regulatory Compliance Management System Implementation
  • ‣ Obligations Compliance Management System Implementation
  • ‣ Internal Auditing
  • ‣ Supply Chain Resilience Auditing
  • ‣ Upgrading your Management Systems to New Versions of ISO Standards
  • ‣ Cyber Essentials
  • ‣ GDPR and Data Protection Compliance
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Photographic Audits

Applied Risk Management Ltd is now able to offer an innovative approach to conducting audits. Using photography to capture audit evidence and including these photographic images in an audit report is a very effective way of capturing and proving an audit finding, nonconformity, hazard or opportunity for improvement. This is a very effective and powerful ‘service differentiator’!

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is an English language adage meaning that complex and sometimes difficult to describe evidence can be conveyed by a single still image which conveys its meaning or essence more effectively and concisely than a long verbal or written description.

For further details, a quote, or to discuss the benefits of including photographic evidence in audit reports, contact Andy Mills at Applied Risk Management Ltd.

RPS - The Royal Photographic Society