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Using your own staff to do internal auditing could put them in a position where they may need to audit their own work. Our independence avoids that situation.

Gaining ISO certifications helps your business win contracts from the larger and more discerning customers, such as government and local authorities. The more discerning clients check your credentials and do due-diligence on you as a supplier before engaging with you. Your ISO certification is usually the first thing they check! It speaks volumes about your business and how well it is run.

Identifying the legislation applicable to your business is a challenge. Keeping abreast of changes to legislation is an on-going burden but a pre-requisite for most ISO standards and good corporate governance.

If you would like independent assistance to gain ISO certifications, or simply to improve quality, information security, business continuity, business resilience, safety, health, environmental impacts, enterprise risk management or governance for your organisation, contact Andy Mills to discuss your requirements, without obligation.

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